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#6 - Superstition + Energetic Protection | The Initiates Podcast with Natalie Grace

Join Natalie as she discusses the powerful energies of superstition and belief.

In this episode, a continuation of last week's episode "Vibration", I explore the concept of superstition and the energy it holds. I discuss how the power of belief can create self-fulfilling prophecies, and share a very personal story about my own experience with superstitious energy as a child, and how it has shaped my life and my journey of awakening.

I also explore the idea of energetic protection - when it's most needed, and some easy protection methods that you can use in your rituals and day to day life.

Please note - in this episode, I mention details of an accident I experienced as a child that took place within a Catholic church. While this event was not associated with child sexual abuse, and sexual abuse is not discussed in this episode, I understand that discussion of the church in the context of childhood trauma can still be triggering, so please do keep this in mind before listening to this episode.

Enjoy the show :)

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About The Initiates Podcast

The Initiates Podcast is an Australian Spirituality Podcast. A weekly journey of discovery, remembering and expansion for those on the spiritual path. It's a space to explore inner truths, share stories of awakening, and expand our perceptions of reality. It is my goal that together, we can explore esoteric, spiritual, mystical and philosophical concepts in an accessible and supportive space, so that we can help walk each other through doorways of initiation.


Join your host, Natalie Grace, every Thursday for an exploration of esoteric knowledge, mystical expansion and intuitive wisdom. ​

Featuring inspiring conversations, wisdom teachings, intuitive musings and akashic activations.

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