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Introducing The Initiates Podcast with Natalie Grace

After many months of dreaming, planning and creating, I'm super excited to announce that my brand new podcast, The Initiates, has launched!


Join your host, Natalie Grace, every Thursday for an exploration of esoteric knowledge, mystical expansion and intuitive wisdom. ​

Featuring inspiring conversations, wisdom teachings, intuitive musings and akashic activations.

How The Initiates came to be

I've been working on this podcast for months now, and it's been a seed of desire for much longer. A seed planted by a deep yearning to share truth and create space for like minded souls on the spiritual path. Even though I've envisioned this day for many months, and have worked hard to manifest this dream into reality, it still feels a little unreal, because I've had to work through a lot of fear and self-sabotage to get to this point of celebration.

Over the last couple years, I've been embracing the journey of healing and spiritual expansion. This journey has led me to meet with numerous amazing healers and guides, as I sought to learn more about my soul mission and connect more deeply with my spirit team. When I'd ask what I'm *really* here to do, they all told me something very similar - that I'm here to communicate truth, and to share these messages of higher wisdom with the collective using my voice. Specifically, the unique vibration of my voice. No one else could share the wisdom that I carry. Only I could do that. That kind of message is hard to argue with. Especially when it's reaffirmed by multiple highly attuned guides, over and over again.

I decided I had no choice. I had to face my fears of being seen, and create a space for myself to be heard so that I could feel the peace that comes with balanced health.

At the time, the mere thought of 'coming out' as an Intuitive or Tarot Reader terrified the prospect of going on to become a spiritual guide and intuitive channeler broadcasting on a public platform was pretty much unfathomable. But on a very deep level, I understood it overcoming that fear was pivotal to my healing. In the lead up to this period of healing, I was experiencing incredible fatigue and an intense depression. My body held so much tension that I was in a constant state of anxiety and pain. After hitting rock bottom, I decided to seek help, to learn more about the root cause of my health issues. The doctors found thyroiditis, while energetic healers found a blocked (actually, more like clogged) throat chakra.

After feeling so weak for so long, this insight didn't scare me - it was empowering. I now had something to work with. So, I did all that I could to kickstart my healing. I made drastic changes to my diet. I began a daily tantric yoga practice to loosen my body, move energy and build strength. I took herbal concoctions to cleanse my organs and reduce the inflammation. I simplified my life to lessen stressors.

After such a lengthy period of apathy, I became incredibly disciplined.

And I felt so much better. But I knew that there was more to do to restore harmony to my body and soul.

This illness was much more than physical. I asked for guidance, from healers, mediums, intuitives. I devised a daily ritual of self-devotion. I studied energetic medicine. I learned to open my Akashic records. I asked how I could heal myself.

Again, the guidance was repeated over and over. You fear judgement. You are scared to be your true self. You are scared to use your authentic voice. You are scared of being seen as you are. You must embrace this fear and walk with it. You must honour your truth. You must use your voice to deliver your message. You must allow people to see you. You must deliver your message to those ready to hear it.

The advice was very specific. I was to have conversations with others. I was to share guidance and higher wisdom. I was to use the 'airwaves' - the mesh of vibration that broadcasts the voice.

Thinking back, I had hints that broadcasting was something I'd do at some point in my adult life. At 16, I hosted a show on community radio with a friend. There, I learned how to use the mixing equipment and prepare a show - creating a theme, selecting music. I enjoyed the experience, but in my aim for perfection, I over-scripted the show, removing the magic of the conversation. Then, in my early 20s, I talked about creating a podcast with an internet friend from Europe. Podcasts were brand new then (early 2000s) and we planned a bunch of content, but never got around to recording it. More recently, I've really loved to consume podcasts - they've replaced television for me as my preferred form of entertainment, but also learning. They've helped me to expand my knowledge and consider new ways of seeing the world.

So, creating a podcast was always on the horizon for me. But I held so much fear about speaking my truth, and being seen as myself. The pivotal first step in facing my fear was creating Crystal Aura Tarot. I started doing online tarot readings, and returned to social media after a long hiatus. I built confidence through sharing my love of Tarot reading and communicating the symbollic messages wanting to be shared with the collective. I soon decided that livestreaming was the next logical step - the most simple, yet terrifying way to break through my fear of being seen. If you watch that first live I did, you can see I'm visibly nervous. But my goal was to just show up, and to my shock some other people did too. I did another, and actually had fun! In no time, I was publishing a monthly livestream schedule, delivering Akashic Tarot forecasts for the Full Moons and New Moons, along with bonus Akashic activations doing live channeling at the important energy portals.

While I adore Tarot, especially sharing readings for the collective, where I get to tap into the shared energy field, I started to realise that I was building a community who was interested in receiving my message, and connecting with others on the same wavelength. This audience held appreciation for my way of reading and teaching the tarot. Even more suprisingly, they were very receptive to the broader spiritual wisdom I was sharing. So much so, that my Tarot page was starting to feel a little bit limiting as the only channel for my soul mission.

It was finally time to create a new space to spread my wings and expand my message.

And so, The Initiates podcast was born.

About The Initiates Podcast

The Initiates Podcast is a weekly journey of discovery, remembering and expansion for those on the spiritual path. It's a space to explore inner truths, share stories of awakening, and expand our perceptions of reality. It is my goal that together, we can explore esoteric, spiritual, mystical and philosophical concepts in an accessible and supportive space, so that we can help walk eachother through doorways of initiation.

Episode #1 - "Welcome, Seekers" is live and waiting to be listened to on all the major podcast apps. In this debut episode, you get to meet me, learn what I value and discover what I'm most excited to explore in future episodes.

Episode #2 is out on Thursday August 25, and is all about soul sovereignty.

I would love for you to listen and let me know what you think!

And if you enjoy the episode, don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

x N

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