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#8 - Spirit Guides with Golden Vee | The Initiates Podcast with Natalie Grace

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

This week, Natalie is joined by psychic medium Golden Vee to talk about Spirit Guides.

I see Vee as a spirit guide in human form. After stumbling across her podcast and finding myself in deep resonance with her vibe and message, I booked in to one of her spirit guide sessions and I'm not over-exaggerating when I say that this session completely changed my life. Being introduced to my guides accelerated my spiritual awakening, and provided me with the courage and support I was seeking to move forward in alignment with my deepest desires.

I had a lot of fun talking to Vee, exploring spirit guides in their various forms and roles. During our chat, Vee shares her story of connecting with her guides at a young age, and how her guides have initiated activation of psychic gifts on her journey. And I share a little bit more about how important connecting with my guides has been in aligning with my soul purpose.

We also explore the more practical ways that we can connect and communicate with our spirit guides, regardless of our psychic skill level.

Enjoy the show :)

x Natalie

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[00:00:00] Natalie Grace: This is the Initiates podcast.

[00:00:11] Natalie Grace: Here we create space to explore the path of initiation as we reawaken the forgotten wisdom that resides within us all.

[00:00:24] Natalie Grace: I am your host and guide, Natalie Grace. Join me every Thursday for an enlightening exploration of contemporary spirituality.

[00:00:37] Natalie Grace: It's my honor to journey you.

[00:00:56] Natalie Grace: Welcome friends. On today's episode, I'll be speaking with my mentor and guide, Golden Vee. Vee is a clairvoyant, psychic, medium amazing channel and host of the awesome 'Dimensions of the Soul' podcast. She's also a really unique artist, translating visions from her dreams into cosmic collage that she shares with the world via her Instagram.

[00:01:17] Natalie Grace: Vee is an incredible soul and is one of the most authentic people I've encountered so far on my spiritual journey. She has a warm, engaging, and joyous spirit and has so much to teach us all about the experience of multidimensionality that it literally overflows out of her in the most delightful way. Vee is a great teacher who offers psychic and intuitive development classes along with spiritual mentorship.

[00:01:41] Natalie Grace: She also offers a dedicated session where she introduces you to your spirit guides, and that's how I met her in person. I'm sure all of her offerings are life changing, and I'm excited to do more one-on-one work with Vee in the future, but I can't stress enough how important a portal the Spirit Guides intro session was for me on my journey.

[00:02:01] Natalie Grace: I talk about this fact a little more in our chat. But that meeting felt like the activation I needed to move out of a very deep, dark night of the soul and upward into alignment with my highest path of destiny. In the session, Vee literally introduced me to my main spirit guides. They showed themselves, shared their names, their symbols, their specific roles in my life, and the messages they wanted me to hear at that exact moment.

[00:02:29] Natalie Grace: It was so empowering to receive the message that I'm supported at all times, and that all they wanted for me was to try that the outcome didn't actually matter. The will to try was all that was important. No matter how small a step, every step counts. And at that time, I was taking no steps. I was so stuck, and this message was something that awakened me to the real nature of why I'm here to experience, to face fear, to create, to enjoy, to enjoy life.

[00:03:01] Natalie Grace: All the pressure that I felt at that moment was released when I received that message from my guides. It was so empowering and it unlocked new movement within me that led me on a journey of healing, creation, and awakening. It was a profound initiation through the guides I came to know myself and the energy of source.

[00:03:24] Natalie Grace: This connection provided me with the guidance to step onto the path that has led me to this moment, speaking to you all on this podcast and sharing my gratitude and conversation with my human guide Vee. So I invited Vee to come onto the show to talk to me about spirit guides and the role they have played in her initiation story.

[00:03:43] Natalie Grace: She shares some amazing wisdom about the different types of spirit guides we can encounter, along with some practical tips on how we can all connect and communicate with our spirit guides regardless of our psychic skill level. I really hope you enjoy the flow and energy of this episode, and that you are able to take away a new perspective on spirit guides and the roles they play in our lives.

[00:04:06] Natalie Grace: If you're interested in working with Vee, check the show notes where I've popped all her links. All right, Let's journey with Golden Vee.

[00:04:31] Natalie Grace: Welcome Vee to the Initiates podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. I came across you. When I was in this phase of awakening, and I listened to podcasts constantly, but I was searching for something more than just news and politics and all like the real dense, heavy energy stuff that I was listening to at the time.

[00:04:51] Natalie Grace: And I don't even know how I came across your podcast, but I did, and I listened, and your energy just resonated so strongly with me. And I, I just binged all your episodes and I ended up reaching out to you for a spirit guide session where you really changed my life, to be honest.

[00:05:11] Natalie Grace: I knew I had some gifts. I'd had Clairaudience since I was a child, but I wasn't really open to it and I had no idea who my guides were or how I could connect to them. So hearing you talk about their pivotal role in our lives and the jobs they do in, in helping us on this plane. And then meeting with you in person with this introduction you gave me was so pivotal on my journey.

[00:05:35] Natalie Grace: So I'm super honored to have you here with me today. And I'm so excited to speak with you.

[00:05:41] Golden Vee: Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. Like, honestly, you got my bitch ass. Have like tears in my eyes and stuff. You gotta girl get emotional already. I was not planning on this, but I'm very deeply touched. I am so freaking honored to be a part of your wonderful journey and I am so excited to be on your podcast because you have an abundance worth of wisdom and an abundance worth of knowledge.

[00:06:05] Golden Vee: And I'm just literally just a speck of dust on your, Well, I mean, not to demean myself, but you know what I mean. I'm like a, I'm a spec this beautiful tapestry of life and I'm happen to just be, we found each other through the podcast world, you know, and, and you know what's funny? You're not the first person who mentioned that.

[00:06:24] Golden Vee: I've had many people say be, I dunno how I found you. It's like, it's like, it's like a weird, like warp in time. Like we just forget how we find each other sometimes. You know? It's like, that's how I feel like sometimes, like if you think about, even outside of the podcast, if you think of anything else in life you, you ever think of like someone who's really important to you or you meet, you're like, I don't even remember how we met.

[00:06:44] Golden Vee: It's like, it was just like some kinda soul shit. You know? Some soul connection things going on. But yeah, I'm so excited to be here, so happy to talk about guides and the fact that I'm so blessed and I'm so happy that it was able to make such an impact on you learning more about your guides and I think it's like we're all walking this lifetime together and it can feel very isolating and lonely when you're going through really dark times.

[00:07:10] Golden Vee: And we all are aware of it, whether you're spiritual or not, even in the religious context. There's you know, guardian angels, which just, they are real. Obviously guardian angels are real, but we all know whether you're spiritual or not, that spirit guides exist. We know there's some kind of spirit, even if people joke about it.

[00:07:27] Golden Vee: Animal spirit, my spirit animal. We all know there is some kind of being or entity trying to help us out, whether it's in an angelic form, spirit guide, form, whatever being form it is. And I think that, I think we're all on this quest to just, feel like, number one, "help me!. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing in this life!"

[00:07:46] Golden Vee: But number two, it's good to know that... like I said, we are all looking for that reassurance that A, we are doing the right thing. That b there is someone out there actually sending me signals to, It's like a cheat sheet through life, but without cheating. It's kind of like you already as a soul possess this knowledge, it's just, these guides are just here to remind you, to send you little signs and signals and, but then you can take, cuz it starts out as signs ands, right?

[00:08:13] Golden Vee: Like, you know what they say in... what is it like, "oh, spirit guides. Show me this sign. I see 3 33 all the time. I see 11: 11". You know, those, the number things. So it starts out small, like the numbers that gets people's awareness. So I realize spirits, whether it's spirit guides, relatives, Whoever the hell's up there.

[00:08:33] Golden Vee: But it starts off with the numbers. The numbers is the first thing that how you know that someone's trying to get your attention on the other side. And then so it starts up with the sign, the signs and symbols. But like when you did my session with the class, it actually takes it to another level where you start to realize, like, "wait a minute, I don't just have to settle for just little signs and symbols just to be reassured. I can have a full blown conversation, hold up. I can even channel messages that deal with my life in this world and how to make my life better and how to make other people and, and help other people grow and myself grow".

[00:09:06] Golden Vee: So it starts off with just a little baby signs and then it gets bigger to where like I can have a full blown relationship. I can have a full blown friendship with these beings. And technically that's all they're here to do. They are here to help us through our everyday life and to, you know, anyone can channel anyone.

[00:09:22] Golden Vee: I think it's like, Oh God, you gotta be like really gifted. So like, you know, I feel like there's like a little stigma, like, oh shit, you gotta be with that shit, you know, to be able to connect and to get long winded messages. Cause it's one thing to get a number or like, you know, "show me a sign of this" and you might get it.

[00:09:39] Golden Vee: But I think even as humanity, no matter what, right, we always want more, you know, we always want more. And so with wanting more You know, and it's not about wanting more, I think it's just wanting a deeper connection with ourselves. We as souls came here, or at least a part of the reason, to not only remember our real self, you know, which is like, you know, how, like how spirit guides are. We really are light beings in this body. Right? We came here to remember ourselves, to connect more deeply with ourselves in this world. And it's done through our relationships. It's done through every experience. It's done through literally our, every breath we take. Anything we do with love or fear, whatever we have free will. Right?

[00:10:19] Golden Vee: So our guides are just here to help. I always use this terminology have you ever heard of the term accountability partner? You know, if someone's like trying to Like, I've seen it in like, at least here in America, people say "I need an accountability partner to go to the gym".

[00:10:36] Golden Vee: So someone to keep me accountable.

[00:10:37] Natalie Grace: Yeah.

[00:10:38] Golden Vee: You never heard it like someone keeping you accountable. And so basically, I say jokingly cause I love a good joke. You know, I love to crack some jokes, you know, gotta have sense of humor in life. I always like to say spirit guides are accountability partners in spirit.

[00:10:51] Golden Vee: You know, they're helping us. We gave us souls. We had to set things we wanna do as a soul. Of course, most importantly, we're here to experience life, to experience ourselves in this physical form, right? But we have other little random shit we have from other lifetimes we may wanna, you know, tie loose ends.

[00:11:10] Golden Vee: And so basically these guys are like, "Hey, I'm gonna keep you accountable" . You wanted this for your life. Cause no one designs her life but us. Even on the other side, we are actually designing the blueprint, right? And so they're just here to make sure we follow through and they're helping us follow through.

[00:11:25] Golden Vee: So it's just magical. I like changed completely when I really start to actually connect with my guides. Like it was a game changer because I would get just psychic information as a child. Like I would see ghosts, I would see dead people walking around. I would have an old man talk to me at age, like seven years old.

[00:11:44] Golden Vee: Literally, I thought I was going crazy. Yeah. I would see there was this old man and he would I would get into an argument with my mom or something, or I have a bad day at school. I was in maybe first grade, second grade, so it had to been like six, like seven years old. And I remember I would get, I'll never forget the first time a spirit really visually showed up for me, cuz I'm clairvoyant was, I got an argument and he goes to, and I'm in my room, you know, eh, eh, just whining and just punching my bed. I was that kid, punching the bed and shit. And next thing I know, I see this like, it's like, you know, as you would expect, like in movies or see through, you know what I mean? So you see the see through

[00:12:21] Golden Vee: I saw the seat through man, and he said to me, "You should say you're sorry to your mother and you should practice forgiveness". And that was my first technical channeled message was say I'm sorry to my mom and how forgiveness would make me feel better. He says, "You're gonna continue to feel like this until you forgive".

[00:12:40] Golden Vee: Now that I'm adult, I think he also meant forgive myself cuz I did not think about that. You know, you're like little, so you're not thinking of that. So, but he did say you should say you're sorry, you'll feel better. And he was right. I mean, technically he was right. But that was my actual first message.

[00:12:53] Golden Vee: Forgiveness, literally. So, and it started out like that, but I thought it was just a random, like I said, I would get random cause I was, I've always had the gifts since I was little, but I'll get random psychic hits. But I've never had that deep actual relationship. Like, you know how you can call up a friend in our physical life and actually could talk to them like, Hey, I had this kind of day, blah, blah, blah.

[00:13:14] Golden Vee: Or a therapist. You know, if you have a therapist, like Spirit Guides can be a fucking spiritual therapist too. You know, whatever you want them to be, they'll be, But I didn't have that connection. Just because you're psychic doesn't mean you're gonna have like a full blown, big ass relationship with your guides.

[00:13:28] Golden Vee: You have to use your own free will. And that's what I've learned along the way. Utilizing my own free will to get more messages to connect with them more and stuff like that. Yeah, now I just talk their ear off , but you know, I can talk!

[00:13:45] Natalie Grace: I do, and I love it! That's really great. Like what an amazing, obviously this, the title of this show is The Initiates and I really enjoy speaking to people about their initiation.

[00:13:56] Natalie Grace: And it sounds like as far as your spiritual journeying goes, that visit from that man was like a huge initiation for you. And those words of wisdom were so profound that they've stuck with you to this day. And you know, they can't come from a little child. Those come, they're gifted from somewhere else, right?,.

[00:14:15] Golden Vee: Exactly. And you know what? That was my initiation. Wow. See everything led up to this moment. You know, I don't think anything's random. I never thought about it or seen it in that light. And that's exactly why I love connecting with people like yourself and humanity in general, because you helped me see things in a way that I didn't really think.

[00:14:34] Golden Vee: That is literally the perfect part. Pun intended, this podcast. And I was literally initiated at that time. I was, and you're right. How would I at seven years old come up with this wisdom, like I should say, usually a parent tells the kid to say, Say you're sorry. You know what I mean? So it's like for me to conjure that up at like seven years old.

[00:14:50] Golden Vee: Yeah, you're right. It was totally them. And it was my first actual "experience" experience, where I was like, "Okay, shit's getting real". You know? And I thought it was just imaginary guy friend, you know? Not like in a romantic way. Cause he was old as hell. He was old!

[00:15:09] Natalie Grace: So... given, we recognize that as a point of initiation for you, what did that open up, like what happened to you after that moment? What did you learn about connecting? Did more guides come to you? Can you talk a little bit more about that?

[00:15:24] Golden Vee: Yeah. So actually, yeah, great question. So what happened was after that initial experience it would still, it would start to continue to happen more and more.

[00:15:36] Golden Vee: I think it kind of was like the thing that opened me up if that made sense because I followed through with the advice, because I actually genuinely like listened to this, this old ass man. And I, and I noticed like maybe it went quiet. That's another thing I've learned. Sometimes they go quiet. And so it was quiet for about a year, a couple years, maybe one to two years after that.

[00:15:58] Golden Vee: It wasn't until like late elementary school, cause I was in like first, second grade at that time. It wasn't until like fifth grade. And then going into middle school is when it kicked back up again. Probably cause I was going through emotional, you know, in middle school you're like age maybe 12, 13, 14.

[00:16:13] Golden Vee: So it's like, eh, you know, emotions are rev up. You're really out there in the world getting to see different personalities. It's not as like rose colored lenses when you're like first grade of, you know, very young. So at that time it kicked backed up. And so I've noticed that there would be a female.

[00:16:30] Golden Vee: So that's when it changed. So that's when I realized, okay, maybe the man went away. And again, at that age and at that timeframe, no one in my family was talking about spirits I grew up Catholic. So actually this was technically blasphemy. So it's not like I shared this with people. I never, and I had no knowledge.

[00:16:49] Golden Vee: It's not like at that time you're just like, "Let me Google what spiritual thing". There's no terminology when you're a kid, there's nothing to go off of. So for me, I'm seeing a random woman once again and, and a kid like perspective, I thought it was a what? Imaginary friend. And so I find that, you know, that was the only title I could use.

[00:17:07] Golden Vee: So then that opened me up to meeting a woman. And then this woman would come to me at random times and. Right before I fall asleep, which is kind of funny now that I'm older, I realize spirits love coming to us right before we fall asleep because we're in that altered state of consciousness, one foot here in this reality, one foot in there.

[00:17:25] Golden Vee: So it's like, it's a good way to talk to us. And so I've noticed she would come a lot at those times. She wasn't as bold. The first guy, the first old man came in the middle of the day, you know, at like 4:00 PM but this woman different. And so it started out with her just giving me advice about friendships.

[00:17:41] Golden Vee: I was too nice, you know, I was just way too like, you know, forgiving. I mean, it's good to be for forgiveness. Seems like a big pun intended from an old man. But seriously, I was way too, like excused people's behaviors, Let's just say. They treat me like shit and I excuse it. So she would teach me how to like do the hard thing.

[00:18:02] Golden Vee: I didn't wanna lose friends. So it's like, "I don't wanna let go of her", you know? "I don't wanna say this because I know she won't talk to me if I tell her this". So it was like, I would actually argue that's another thing that would, that would happen. I would argue back and forth with this spirit.

[00:18:13] Golden Vee: So now I'm thinking I'm fucking mentally ill , you know, At this point I'm like, I'm arguing with this lady in my mind and, and that's another thing. So obviously clairvoyance is huge. Cause I always saw them with her. I only seen her once after I seen her once. She never appeared physically to me anymore.

[00:18:31] Golden Vee: She only popped up in my thoughts. So that was, that's, that's another thing, another thing I've noticed change when I was in like middle school. So flash forward, that's just all the bull, that's just a bullshit years. I mean, they're not bullshit years. They still matter. But flash forward to the important shit , which would be in my early twenties, that's when things really got real for me. I started reading books on Buddhism. I think in actually when I was like 16, I read all religious books. I wanted to find the answer. You know, I always felt like there's some kind of answer. So I read Judaism, anything you could think of, I read, you know, And I would try to bring myself a lot of knowledge and try to understand what, where I was coming from.

[00:19:14] Golden Vee: Cause I still never thought of the word 'psychic'. Isn't that funny? All these experiences never dawned on me, never dawned on me, right? I was just thinking, I'm just nuts at this point. So it wasn't until I finally get to my early twenties. That's when the internet really, I mean, I know I sounds so old. I mean, I'm 31. I'm making it sound like, oh, I'm like, 80. But I guess I was more you know, more shit, more social media was getting popular, you know, things was like really popping up. And I started to- Oh, oh my God, how can I forget the most life changing moment outside of those...

[00:19:48] Golden Vee: I was laying, I had an argument with before he was, he was he was my husband, well, he is my husband, but at that time we were just dating, I was still new. We had an argument and I said, I'm sleeping on the couch. I don't even wanna be in this room. So I laid on the couch one night in my field and my oceans and my anger. I'm laying. On my mom's grave, this vision was the most clearest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm laying here on the couch and it's about 2:00 AM and I'm looking up at the ceiling and all of a sudden a golden spiral of light keeps coming down from the ceiling in slow motion.

[00:20:22] Golden Vee: My hand, I start to reach, I said to be real. And so I reach out my hand and of course it's an energy cause it goes right through, but even though it goes right through, circling through my hand, this gold spiral of energy coming from the freaking ceiling. And I remember thinking like, And my eyes were open, it wasn't closed. That's what's insane about it. I also felt a- there was a warmth with this golden spiral of energy, and I felt warm, like I was being hugged. And that's when I realized, okay, there is obviously more to my imaginary things that I experienced as a child, and this is way it, it shook me to the core where I couldn't...

[00:21:04] Golden Vee: That was the tipping point where I realized this is it. There's something, there's something going on with me like this is something unique. And so that's when I Googled Gold Spiral. And from there that was it. That's when I read about angels and sacred geometry. And that's when I was like, "Oh, this makes sense. I had dreams about this". Cause I would always have crazy dreams as a child, you know, Dreams that later come true.

[00:21:27] Golden Vee: My dream scene was very active, you know, And so, or like, I share, you know, my podcast about the Alien dreams, you know, I've been visited since forever, so I've always had weird shit going on, you know. But once I Googled the gold spiral from the ceiling, that's when everything changed. And that's when I realized there's a lot of beautiful beings around me.

[00:21:44] Golden Vee: And that's when I saw the term 'spirit guides'. And then that's when I was like, "Oh, this all makes fucking sense!". And that's all Angels, technically I think what they said online at that time, the golden thing was actually an angel thing. It's an, it's an angelic thing or something like that. It's different than spirit guides.

[00:22:00] Golden Vee: I'm like, "Ah, fuck it. It's still someone trying to get my attention". So that was really what opened everything up, that's when I researched the Golden Spiral, which led me to the terminology spirit guides, which then led me to actually saying, "Let me take an active role and actually seeing what the hell this is".

[00:22:17] Golden Vee: So I read a book on spirit guides, you know, I remember when I was, I was like, maybe 21. I'm 31 right now. So literally 10 years ago when I was 21, read a book on what it was and, "Oh, that makes sense". Basically, it was validating all my experiences. And I think if you think about it as us humans having our experiences validated, it's not about like, validate me so I can look cute, you know, It's beyond that.

[00:22:41] Golden Vee: It's a deeper validation, like a soul validation. And it was so free to read something, to have that kind of validation. And I remember I said it 10 years ago, literally to the do, I'm now 31 and I said, "I hope that I don't want anyone to go through what I went through, where you're walking around aimlessly trying to figure out these things and what they mean".

[00:23:04] Golden Vee: I said if anything, "I hope one day that I can help be that person for someone to explain what's going on with them". And it's kind of ironic cause I think it kind of happened if, if you think, I don't know, in a weird way, it's kind of happening like I wanted to, I didn't want anyone to go through what I went through.

[00:23:21] Golden Vee: I mean, I think now thinking about it, I think we all have to go through this period of questioning ourselves. As much as I don't want people to go through that, but I think that now in hindsight, It is important. I think it's literally a part of the journey to be in that alone space. To question ourselves, to question what this is. Just to finally at the right time to lead us to where we need to be.

[00:23:41] Golden Vee: Obviously as you hear that, it took me many years to realize what it was, cuz I was just defining it as human terms. Cause I had no one esoteric or spiritual around me. It was all religious people and people who were just partying all the time, who would never think about this stuff. So I had no one to talk to. So I had no one but books and research to talk to and talk to about it.

[00:24:04] Golden Vee: So basically after that, I'm in my twenties. When I finally realized what spirit guides are, that's when I said I'm gonna take an active role with actually seeing who they are. And so I would do little exercises and I would do a little games. You know, I would say, okay, first it would start out. Show me a, The more specific you are, the better it gets. Honestly, I always do exercises like this with others too, where it's like, show me an image of sometime today. I would say like a dolphin or something. I wanna see a dolphin or show me a sign that you're around but use a dolphin.

[00:24:35] Golden Vee: Now that's me trying to be in control of it. Obviously they can just say, "Hell no, bitch, you're not gonna be in control over this and tell me to bring you a dolphin". But sometimes they will, you know, as a way just to, you know, they know your personality type, spirit guides play off of our personality types. They know damn well who the hell we are.

[00:24:50] Golden Vee: They know I'm sassy, They know I can be rebellious. So of course, yeah, you gonna have fight for your place in my life, but that's how, that's how I always do things.

[00:25:01] Golden Vee: But yeah, that's really, that's literally how it started and that's when I started to actually do the little signs and symbols. And then it happened outta thin air. This is how it happened out of random, thin air. What year are we in 2022? I'm like, what year is this, 2022?

[00:25:17] Golden Vee: So I think about 20 12, 20 13, 20 14 ish, around that time. That was when everything kind of changed for me. That is when more alien experiences, more Galactic stuff started happening. I mean, they already were visiting me way back in the day. I would have dreams of UFOs and things, and I would have dreams being having a baby, even though I was really young. It made no fucking sense. You know what I mean? Like I remember I was like seven years old and I would tell my mom, I would say, "Can you get pregnant without having sex?" and she would look at me like, I'm insane.

[00:25:56] Golden Vee: I had that weird feeling that I already was pregnant or I was gonna have a baby. And I'm like, I'm seven years old and I remember seeing, having dreams of like babies. Yeah, right. Crazy. But but anyway, enough talking about alien shit, but basically, back to spirit guides. Cause I talk about alien shit all day, but I love spirit guides. I love spirit guides even more though. Yeah, I could talk about aliens, but I love spirit guides too. They're, they're my favorite to talk about, honestly. They are one of my favorite things to talk about, so I'm really glad to be here.

[00:26:23] Golden Vee: But I would say in 20 14, 20 13, I don't know what year it was like 2011 through 2014, that's when conversations started to happen. So it went from, "show me a sign of this", you know, there little things like this that I would get like one word here and there. And that's the thing with spirit guide communication. You'll get like one word, a couple words, and then what I'm learning, you know, as an intuitive, we gotta put the different puzzle pieces of their messages to make the overall message.

[00:26:50] Golden Vee: So we get little puzzle pieces, and we have to form the overall psychic message by using our logic and intuition. So if you get one more thing clear or let go, and then you gotta obviously assume what are they talking about? And they often play upon different parts of our senses or thoughts and stuff to get messages across.

[00:27:08] Golden Vee: But I didn't start getting more than one word until like, like I said, 20 12, 13, 14. Around those years, I, out of nowhere my guides, my guide would come in and would say like, "Oh, so why, you know, the heart?" I don't know. They would just start explaining different concepts to me, specifically my spirit guide, Zalo.

[00:27:28] Golden Vee: He would explain different concepts to me about space and science and things that I don't know. And that's another thing guys of anyone who's obviously everyone was listening, is if you know your own interest, what your brain usually thinks about, and all of a sudden you're getting random pieces of downloads or information in your head about stuff you've never really been into, stuff you never think about, and all of a sudden it's popping up in your head.

[00:27:54] Golden Vee: Something that doesn't even sound like you. Definitely a sign that is probably your guides, because that's what happened to me. And I'm like, "I'm not really into science stuff". And then all of a sudden I'm getting all the science information and different things about you know, like the internal workings of this reality, the human experience, our hearts are being portals and shit like that. Portals within our body that connects us to the other worlds and things like that.

[00:28:20] Golden Vee: So I'm getting all this random information I never would've ever thought of in my own brain. You know, I'm just like a chill, funny person. You know, I'm like, Damn, what the hell is this?

[00:28:30] Golden Vee: And so now what's weird is, what's what's interesting over these last years of dealing with my guides, I've now become way more scientific. Now I'm watching more science shows, I'm watching more science stuff, and it's just really weird how I've noticed parts of my personality change.

[00:28:45] Golden Vee: No, I'm not saying I'm possessed cuz, I can feel I'm still me. But I can definitely feel that for whatever reason, my guides wanted me to open up to this part of myself. And I think that's why they also chime in and give us random downloads. Because I think what our guides most, what half the time are doing is opening ourselves up to aspects of ourself that's already thriving or exists.

[00:29:08] Golden Vee: Meaning that I feel like sometimes we have a cloak over ourselves. Like we have a... you know what I mean? Like a, like is cloak, is that a good word? I think that's a good word. Cloak. Yeah. Mask, something, something blinding us, something distracting us. We have our emotions. We have, we have to worry about our finances, which is understandable.

[00:29:25] Golden Vee: We have to be humans. We have to take care of our life. We have drama with family or friends. We have to worry about our love life. Oh, I'm lonely. Oh, you know, there's so many things that's going on. Or politics, like you said, like, oh, you know, the nasty stupid energy of politics and then the world angered, there's so much drama going on, chaos.

[00:29:44] Golden Vee: And so we're constantly being bombarded. But underneath all of that, we have all of the, you know, I think our guides are just trying to help us remember who we are while we're trying to be, you know, fulfill our purposes, plural purposes. We have multiple purposes, I'm sure in just one lifetime.

[00:30:02] Golden Vee: But I do believe that kind of like we were saying earlier, that. Anything and any experience and any person can be a guide. You know, as much as we have spirit guides, which are obviously rigorously trained to even be a guide, they had a complete, you know, the reincarnation cycle and things like that.

[00:30:19] Golden Vee: So they're done, they're evolved, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I do believe that an everyday human, such as you, me, and even someone at the grocery store, at the market, at the restaurant, any one of us are, are human guides in this physical plane. Each time we're able to help somebody, each time we're able to help someone remember the good inside of themselves, remember the love within themselves, and that they are worthy of love and good things.

[00:30:45] Golden Vee: And if we're able to help someone at that, I do believe that is the same thing as a, as a spirit guide. It's just in human form, a human guide really. And I believe all experiences, everything are guides and teachers, and every single relationship, friendship acquaintanceship we have is all guides. And I think our spirit guides literally utilize the human guides in our everyday interactions too.

[00:31:08] Golden Vee: Again, help us along our ways. So you see how every one big oneness, interconnected web, you know?

[00:31:15] Natalie Grace: That's fantastic. We've, we've gone deep, we've gone straight in deep. But I wanna kind of bring it back to basics about-

[00:31:21] Golden Vee: Oh wait!

[00:31:24] Natalie Grace: Of course we would, about the concept of the spirit guide. So you've talked about a few different types of guides.

[00:31:29] Natalie Grace: You've talked about those highly adept trained spirit guides in the spirit realm who were here to communicate with us and, and guide us into like closer alignment with our soul selves. And then we've got, say, human guides who we are kind of destined to intersect with at certain points in our life to activate or awaken new knowledge or new perspective or more alignment within ourselves.

[00:31:54] Natalie Grace: You also mentioned who I know is Zalo, who is a different type of guide. So if you could talk to me a little bit about the different types of guides, if there are any you haven't mentioned yet, and the different kinds of roles they play.

[00:32:09] Golden Vee: Yes, Yes, yes, yes. So there are so many different ways a guide can manifest.

[00:32:14] Golden Vee: Great question. Actually. This is so exciting for me. I'm getting my rocks off right now, just like talking about it. Oh shit. So, yeah, there's different kinds of guides. So we have, like I was saying about my spirit guide Zalo, although that's what's considered a galactic guide or alien in nature.

[00:32:27] Golden Vee: A lot of us on this planet, whether we knowingly or unknowingly do intersect and do interact with alien guides. They do exist. And so some of us have what's called galactic guides, which means they manifest in the form of a galactic from a different planet, different star system. And I find that people usually with those kind of guides, they've either spent an incarnation or a lifetime as an alien being in some point of the spacetime continuum or that for whatever reason, your energy just fucking links up with them.

[00:32:56] Golden Vee: Don't know well else, but usually it's incarnation. You've spent some kind of time with them or something, or there's some kind of purpose you have in this life that attracts those alien beings to be your guides. So we have what's called galactic guides.

[00:33:08] Golden Vee: Then we have what's called, these are the cool ones, elemental nature guides, like, you know, those nature spirits like Tinker Bell and gnomes and the nature spirits. So technically with the nature spirits, nature spirits technically are available anywhere, outdoors and gardens and, and beautiful places. Technically they're everywhere, but they can be personally assigned to you if your purpose in this life deals with anything environmentalism, you know, something with the environment.

[00:33:38] Golden Vee: If you are just a nature lover in general, or you're like an outdoorsy, you camp outside a lot, you tend to attract those kind of guides. So they do, they do exist. I know it sounds so whimsical, like tinker bells and shit, but elemental or nature spirits, they do exist and they become our guides.

[00:33:55] Golden Vee: We also have what's called I would call 'em like human humanoid looking guides, where they look like you and me, I guess because I, you know, I'm clairvoyant, so I see a lot of everything. So I would say they look like human. Let's say someone, let's say someone for example, is trying to meditate and they're like, "I wanna meet my guide". Do you ever see those ' meet your guide' meditations?

[00:34:16] Golden Vee: I'm sure, I think everyone who's probably listening as probably encounter one of those, like 'meet your guide' medications where it's like you meditate and you visualize meeting your guide or something. So in those kinda cases, you can meet what's called like the human looking ones. And technically, the human ones or they look like it, they aren't just balls of light. Technically everything, you and me underneath this cage is technically a ball of light.

[00:34:38] Golden Vee: But in those, in certain cases, guides play off someone's personality. So if they know someone's gonna freak out by appearing a certain way, they'll just appear regular human in a meditative like state. Does that make sense?

[00:34:50] Golden Vee: Then we also have animal guides. So I'm sure we all know animal guides, right? So we every, Yes, animal guides do exist. The cool thing about animal guides is they pick us, usually before we incarnate on this planet, our guides and, and we, we pick each other, but the animal guides, they come through in different chapters in our lives.

[00:35:11] Golden Vee: So they won't be here for the long haul, like a lot of our guides are. So a lot of our guides are usually here from birth until death. Some of them in rare cases, can be switched out, depends on what kind of choices you made. Some of them in rare cases can be switched out depending on whatever. But animal guides, they pick us.

[00:35:28] Golden Vee: So for example, if you are someone who's really nervous and you have something coming up, and let's say it's a speaking engagement, and you're like, "Oh my God, I don't wanna speak in front of people, I don't wanna be in front of people. I'm so scared". What would happen would be, you would get a lion animal guide cuz lion are like bold, courageous, fearless. You can go out however you want with confidence and then once you, you know, face that obstacle, they're gone. You know?

[00:35:52] Golden Vee: And so guides can show up like that. Guides can also really show up as literally color. I also want to mention that. So oftentimes in my sessions, like I will see guides, they will look like a being, but they may have an aura.

[00:36:04] Golden Vee: Let me really break this down. So, If you are a visual person, you could see an alien face in your meditation, or you could see a human face, or you could see a body, and let's say you see a color with it. So you know, as you know, everyone has a electromagnetic fields, right? Everyone, every being does, right, so it can, it can exude colors now.

[00:36:23] Golden Vee: So that's one part. But sometimes guides will literally show up as a color for someone, and that's it. I think some people may dismiss it and say, "Well, it's just a freaking color". That's all I keep seeing. It's nothing. It's nothing. But colors are just as alive as everything else. And sometimes, for whatever reason, a guide can choose to manifest as a color or colors for you.

[00:36:45] Golden Vee: If every time you choose to connect and you close your eyes and you're meditating, and every time it's the same color, no matter what, That's not random at all. So just like everything else, life is colors and sometimes they choose to manifest as color. It just depends on the personality of that person.

[00:37:01] Golden Vee: And that's what I've realized over the years. Guides can also manifest as trees. That is also something too. Trees are guides too. So basically anything, basically, Whatever form. And that's the beautiful thing, is that they can manipulate energy, they can manipulate the atom, the atomic structure of anything.

[00:37:18] Golden Vee: So just like any spirit, just like our deceased relatives, they can manipulate the air to push a bird to come near you, to show you "I'm around", you know? So any spirit technically can manipulate atoms and molecules and things like that. And so basically guides are no different.

[00:37:33] Golden Vee: And so they have many, many forms, but I feel like the most common forms would probably be like the humanoid forms where it's like- oh, oh, oh, real quick, some guides take the visuals of what they look like in a past life if they choose human. So if you see someone who looks really like ancient and stuff, like let's say you're meditating, and you're like, I'm gonna meet my guide.

[00:37:53] Golden Vee: And all of a sudden you keep getting visions of Egypt, like, what the hell, that could signify a past life you and this past spirit guide could have shared. And so that also, I've seen that happen in a lot of sessions. I find that a lot of us actually have been in ancient Egypt. I think a lot of us actually incarnated, sorry, get off tracking on my as off track, but just in a general comment, a lot of us on this planet right here and right now have had incarnations in ancient Egypt or in Atlantean times.

[00:38:18] Golden Vee: And for some reason a lot of us are back here right now. And it makes sense if you think about it, where there's still, like, if you really think about the last five to six years, there's been such a heavy importance on spirituality, or like a big boom all of a sudden, you know, of people really being interested in it.

[00:38:35] Golden Vee: And so a lot of us have came back from those old those times. We're trying to do it differently, trying to do it, bring it back into this world, but in a different way. But just wanna let you know that also guides, if they show up looking old or from a different time period, it could be them choosing a past life that they may have spent with you or just something they liked about that era.

[00:38:52] Golden Vee: So that's another way they can show up as well.

[00:38:54] Natalie Grace: That's so cool! So for me, I'm not particularly like visual. I have a few guides. Well, when I go into the Akashic records, for instance, eventually my visualization of that process evolved and it literally is in Egypt, which it never was to begin with, which is pretty interesting.

[00:39:13] Natalie Grace: And one of the guides that I meet there, who's the gatekeeper for me and lets me in, is this kind of old wizard man, which is pretty cool. But apart from that, I don't really see guides. I get guidance, I get intense messages. I've shared them on this podcast before. I share them on my live streams.

[00:39:31] Natalie Grace: So for people who aren't particularly visual, Or don't feel connected just yet with their psychic gifts. How can we communicate with our guides?

[00:39:41] Natalie Grace: You talked about the first signals they send us are through a repeating numbers, angel numbers, perhaps images of particular animals and that kind of thing. And I think a lot of that first step is around us just accepting and trusting that they are messages. But like how, if you are not visual, do you communicate and how do they communicate with you?

[00:40:02] Golden Vee: Okay. That's a really good question because you're absolutely right. Not everyone is visual, and that's the beautiful thing about humanity. And so they always find another freaking way.

[00:40:11] Golden Vee: So if you are not a visual person, my advice is to rely on your other senses, which is most, most common is gonna be the emotional spectrum, your emotions and your thoughts. 95% of the time, even with me being clairvoyant, its through thoughts. And I think that's gonna be the, the most, the mind. If you are an overthinker or you overanalyze a lot, you're, you know what I mean? You're, you're that kind of person. It can be hard to distinguish what's a thought from spirit or a feeling from spirit and what's mine, right?

[00:40:40] Golden Vee: And so, Basically what you can do is if you are wanting to just connect and you're not visual, you can just, you know, get into like a, what they call a high vibrational state.

[00:40:51] Golden Vee: Cause you've gotta... as long as you're not depressed, like, too angry, you know, I feel like fear, anger, and all the heavy emotions kind of makes it harder to connect. It's like a heavy barrier. But as long as, let's say you're, you're just neutral. And so what do you do to connect? You can you can set an intention and say like " I intend to connect to my spirit guide", blah, blah, blah, blah.

[00:41:11] Golden Vee: Let's say you go through that whole thing. "I intend to connect to you. Send me some messages". So let's say you're just waiting. Cause that's, that's really what it is, it's waiting. I gotta tell you that most messages from spirit pop up within the first five to 10 seconds. It is very quick because of the different frequencies of this planet and up there.

[00:41:26] Golden Vee: So it's a lot. They're quick. And so it gets sent here very quick. And so if you find yourself, usually the, the best way to know with like finding the messages is that spirit will- it will be an instant thought. It will be so quick that you don't have time to overthink it.

[00:41:43] Golden Vee: So oftentimes it'll come through thoughts and feelings.

[00:41:45] Golden Vee: So basically, don't try too hard to get visions. Yes, it's great.

Great if you can, but it's like, there's so many gifted psychics that can't see anything, but they can feel, hear, or think it. And that's all that really matters because that's all it really is.

[00:42:01] Golden Vee: And so let's say you ask for a message and you get a quick thought. Don't write it off and don't dismiss it and say, "This must be me". Our logical mind takes over all the time and dismisses it and say, "I'm just making it up". So you wanna make sure when you're trying to connect in the beginning, don't say the words, I'm making it up. Cause it'll take you out of your connection.

[00:42:19] Golden Vee: It implies doubt. When there's doubt within you, doubt within your ability to answer or receive a message, it hinders a connection, you know, when you're connected to the other side. So you just wanna make sure that even if you feel like you might be making it up, don't even say it. Just record the message.

[00:42:34] Golden Vee: Now, my advice also for people just beginning, write down the messages. Or if you're in a meditative state, audio record yourself. Cause sometimes people, like, I don't wanna break my meditation by opening my eyes and writing. So just record yourself audio verbalize it. So what happens is, over a period of time of you recording yourself, your logical mind will catch on and say, Wait a minute, this doesn't sound like me anymore.

[00:42:54] Golden Vee: So this is for all the people out there who are very logical or over analytical, this will help you kind of decipher what's your logical mind versus what's spirit. Also spirit's messages when it's through thoughts or feelings, it won't be triggering. It won't send you spiralizing. If anything, it'll provide a lot of clarity.

[00:43:13] Golden Vee: And often times keep your expectations and check y'all, because it is usually, like I said before, it could be one word or a couple words, and then you have to use your intuition to kind of form what they're really trying to say. It is not until you get more comfortable and confident where you'll get a lot of long winded messages, like how you channel, I like how you channel, you channel actual longer messages and that's because you've been doing it for quite some time.

[00:43:37] Golden Vee: So guys, just like with anything in life, it's an exercise. The more you exercise your psychic muscle and your ability, the more you practice the more you'll get more longer messages. But don't beat yourself up if you're able to get a couple words and it really makes sense in your life and it makes you feel good. Cause that's another thing you'll feel, not only will it come through a thought or a feeling, but your feelings will tell you. This feels right, this feels good. It doesn't feel like me.

[00:43:59] Golden Vee: So knowledge of self, knowing yourself enough, knowing what's you and what's not, you kinda like what I said earlier, like, I would never think science. This is totally not me. And I knew right away, I don't fucking care about science. You know, why the fuck am I thinking this? So little things like that, you just knowing yourself and knowing like, this doesn't really sound like me. And once you distinguish what's not you, your confidence raises up. Like, oh shit.

[00:44:20] Golden Vee: Yeah. So confidence is probably 90% of the work. Believing in yourself basically.

[00:44:28] Natalie Grace: Yeah. The belief is so important. Another thing I've talked about a lot is the space, cultivating space, especially in the thought realm because that's where you can observe what's your thoughts and what is coming from somewhere else.

[00:44:41] Golden Vee: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely.

[00:44:46] Natalie Grace: One thing as well that I think is really important is for people like you and I, especially you, given that you train other people in, in working with their guides, meeting their guides and working with their guides, is to be able to tell people that they can just take for granted that those messages that don't feel like they're coming from themselves are from somewhere else, they are messages of high wisdom.

[00:45:07] Natalie Grace: Because that was so powerful to hear that from you, that my guides were there at all times in support. A hundred percent support, all times, especially when you're going through like a dark night kind of period like I was, when we met, I felt so isolated and so alone. And it wasn't just on the spiritual journey, it was my whole life. And I clearly was in a process of initiation at that point because everything opened up for me once I navigated through that darkness.

[00:45:34] Natalie Grace: But to know that there was a team, and I wanna ask about this, the team of guides, a spirit team there who had my back and all they wanted was for me to try. I didn't even have to be successful. I just had to be in the world and try, you know, be myself, connecting with my authenticity. That's all they wanted.

[00:45:56] Natalie Grace: That was so comforting for me and such a huge release of pressure and stress that is that really all I have to do here? Like, what is all this extra pressure I'm putting on myself? So I think the other thing that you can feel by connecting in with the guides is this sense of comfort.

[00:46:12] Natalie Grace: And it shouldn't, feel like pressure. So if, if you're placing pressure on yourself to have a certain type of connection with your guides, take that pressure away because it can take any form and the first step really, at least in my experience, was just accepting that they were there helping me at all times.

[00:46:31] Golden Vee: Oh my God. So true. So beautiful. You said it perfectly. Yes, yes, yes. You're absolutely right.

[00:46:37] Golden Vee: It has never been about the outcome. I think that we live in an outcome based world because it's black implies white duality. Right? So it obviously makes sense why our braids are so concerned with. Well, and you know, universal law calls in effect, "Well I did this, so it must do this", right?

[00:46:55] Golden Vee: You're absolutely right. They don't care about the outcome. No one really does. That's the funniest part about this whole life, and I think that's the biggest, I feel like God's sense of humor, if you think about it, it's never been about the outcome. You don't really give a damn how it ends. It just really what energy you use in the midst of the journey.

[00:47:14] Golden Vee: You know, everything's work, constantly in motion, right? Energy's constantly in flux. And our guides are just here to say, "You know what? I'm glad you fucking tried. You didn't wanna get out of bed today, but your ass did. And I'm glad." That's huge. And that's what it's about, is something that we thought that we couldn't, Even if it's something like, you know, for people who really suffer through like deep, deep anxiety, a lot of us do on this planet.

[00:47:37] Golden Vee: I do. We all do. And so it's like if you're suffering through deep anxiety, and let's say you didn't wanna.. "I don't wanna run errands today. I don't wanna pick up the phone and to make appointments and call this person and I don't wanna do this". And, But you still do it. You know what, that is just as remarkable as being a millionaire on their side.

[00:47:55] Golden Vee: That's what I always get as messages for them. That is just remarkable as the most achievements cause we're achievement based society. But the best quote "achievement" that we can do is taking some kind of action through belief in ourselves, despite our circumstances, despite the heaviness. And they're right here walking side by side saying, "Hey, I'm just proud you got out of bed".

[00:48:16] Golden Vee: Like it is not that serious guys. Like I think it's just, we've been so conditioned in this world to think that like "what is success? What is achievement? What is expectations?" And we think that, you know, you can't take what we do in the third dimensional realm and apply it to their realm cuz they live in a creative childlike joy- like realm.

[00:48:34] Golden Vee: So it's like we're trying to connect to spirit guides using logic. And third dimensional reasoning. And that's just never gonna work. It's not gonna fly. You're gonna constantly feel like a quote "failure", the same human traits will continue. You'll constantly feel like a failure if you're gonna apply the same things that you do in this world.

[00:48:52] Golden Vee: But think about the shit we do in this world. Does it even make us feel better? Always like a fear of a failure, you know? And so it's like, they don't wanna see us like that, that's why they're like, "the fact that you had the feeling to connect to us, that's good enough and I will meet you halfway", cuz that's all they do.

[00:49:07] Golden Vee: They meet us half way. So as long as we believe in ourselves, at least to say, "You know what? I feel like I wanna connect to a guide. I wanna get to know someone. I feel finely compelled to do it". They're just happy for that moment. That's a life changing moment in their eyes. What we consider as, eh, it's just, I'm struggling though.

[00:49:22] Golden Vee: All we see is our struggles in connecting, but what they see is something different. So if we as humans start to train our minds to see the world through how spirit sees the world and sees us that we're not failures, just because we didn't get up. "Oh, the gods are, and the spirits say this today". You know what I mean?

[00:49:41] Golden Vee: Like, not all of us are gonna get all that shit, you know? And that doesn't make us any less of a person because we can or cannot connect as strongly as another person. We have to do it in our own way through self-acceptance. And that's a big lesson for all these humans, right? We gotta accept ourselves and where we're at, and understand that, just like with anything in life, remember everything new we started. Remember how fearful you felt about anything new you've ever tried in your life. Whether it's a new job, meeting a new person, or you know, something that's new and we're scared and we're like, "Oh my God, I don't know, I'm gonna just shy away from this one". I don't know. But then we do it, and then we do it little by little.

[00:50:16] Golden Vee: And then like a year later, we're at this job, I'm like, Oh, it's easy. That's the same thing for connecting. Like, oh, this is nothing, you know, it's the same, same, same, same shit. And so it's just so, so important for, you know, and I'm glad, like you said, that they're just here to comfort and reassure us that we are doing the right thing.

[00:50:34] Golden Vee: Just by having the yearning to connect makes us connected. It's that simple.

[00:50:40] Natalie Grace: Yeah, so beautiful. While you were talking, I had this vision, and like I said, I'm not even that visual, but I had this vision of like, I see fear as a portal. It's a portal of transformation. And any time we, we confront our fear and move through it, instead of avoiding it, we go through a breakthrough.

[00:50:58] Natalie Grace: Like the breakthrough happens in the fear and that they're like invisible helpers holding our hands as we walk through those portals, they're behind us. They're in front of us leading the way, and it's, it's so comforting and so, It actually helped build my confidence a lot that those people as well, that are, that have been with me before I was born will be with me after I leave this planet and the whole time I'm here, don't care how well I do. They just want me to experience. It's just amazing.

[00:51:28] Natalie Grace: So I wanna talk to you about spirit teams. Who, who is it? Do they all hang out together? ? I feel like we all have spirit teams. When I do readings for people, I ask for their spirit team to come and like, join in my energy and provide messages.

[00:51:41] Natalie Grace: So like how, how do you describe like how they hang out together in groups?

[00:51:47] Golden Vee: Yeah. You know, it's funny and I, you said it perfectly, the spirit team. Cause I do the same thing, like in a reading or I call in like your spirit guides, their loved ones, this, this and this. You know, the whole team, the whole gang, right?

[00:51:58] Golden Vee: It feels like with the spirit teams, like, are, are they hanging on the other side? I feel like when it comes. When the intention is set by someone here on earth, like for example, in a reading, like when you said you mentioned spirit team for a reading, they all come together. They are connected through the person that they're all equally helping.

[00:52:16] Golden Vee: So they all- technically it's like, you know, it's interesting, it's like one big consciousness in a weird way. It's like they're all different beings, but they're all here, but they're all the same. Like not, Not the same. I don't wanna make it jumble them all. They're all different. But what I mean is that when you call the intention, they all are together at that moment.

[00:52:33] Golden Vee: But do I think they're just completely hanging out all the time? No. Not necessarily, but that's just my thought. I don't know. I dunno shit. I go with the philosophy, who was that philosopher? He says rule number one, I dunno anything. That's, I swear to God someone said that. I think it was like, I dunno anything.

[00:52:47] Golden Vee: And that's how I, to live my life. But I know some things, but I know shit. But no, but in my personal thoughts, I just don't know if they're hanging out all the time. But I feel like the only thing that I intuitively feel is through the intention. Like when you set the intention for a reading, and when I send intention for a spirit team, all of them conjure up together. And each one of them has a piece of knowledge and information that is going to benefit you and the client, or mostly the client. Cause you're connected to the clients spirit team technically and your own spirit team.

[00:53:17] Golden Vee: So it's like your spirit team and your client spirit team. Everyone's come together.

[00:53:21] Golden Vee: And also this works in relationships. Same thing. If you're in a relationship with someone your spirit team and their spirit team is obviously interacting, sharing nuggets of information. How can, let's say you're in a relationship with some guy and it's like, okay, how can he show her this lesson and they can learn this from each other.

[00:53:37] Golden Vee: And so they do chime in like that. So the spirit teams do chime in when it comes through, whoever you're connected with at that given moment. It doesn't have to be relationship, it could be anything. It could be connected to helping someone random on the side of the road, whatever it is. Everything leads you from, from your spirit team and their spirit team gets together and says, "Okay, they're gonna meet at this exact time so they can help get through this and learn this lesson and he's gonna help her. She's gonna help her" and vice versa, and things like that. That's where I feel like they really intersect.

[00:54:06] Natalie Grace: Fantastic. So the way you were describing that, I was seeing kind of fragments of one whole, that it's kind of like flashing the bat symbol and they all know where to go.

[00:54:16] Golden Vee: Yes!

[00:54:17] Natalie Grace: But they all, I set the intention, I call them into my energy field and we all have a conference in my energy field.

[00:54:24] Golden Vee: That's exactly what it's exactly. That's you, you perfect vision. The batman symbol. That's a perfect symbolism. I love you. That's perfect. That's exactly what it's at the signal and everyone's like, "All right, let's get in. Get in. They need"

[00:54:41] Natalie Grace: What about interference? Do our guides interfere? Obviously at the very beginning you talked about free will and how even just to make connection with them to begin with, there needs to be part of us consenting with our free will. But in, are there any moments in our lives where our guides or spirit team will interfere with something that's happening because it's not part of our destiny? Are there any reasons for them to do that and does that ever happen?

[00:55:05] Golden Vee: Wow, great question. So what I believe is that you know, there is a law of no interference technically, and so they can send signals in science. That is true. But when it comes to what you said, you asked a really good question about if we're completely off hinge, like completely off the path, like completely going down a weird path.

[00:55:24] Golden Vee: They, I would say this - they can interject, but it's still your free will needs to still be interacting with it. So they will send an even bigger sign. It will be so noticeable, but you need to utilize your own will to understand it. Sometimes they'll take something so literal, they'll even have a person, they'll send someone your way and say the actual words of what you need to do.

[00:55:48] Golden Vee: You know, someone randomly, let's say you were thinking about getting out of a, like, "I'm a bad relationship, but I'm too scared to leave them". And then all of a sudden the girl runs into a, person at one of her friends and her friends says, "Ooh, man, I heard this bad story. This girl was in a weird, bad, abusive relationship and it didn't really went horribly".

[00:56:04] Golden Vee: And that's a ding, ding, ding. It's a sign. You know what I mean? Or it's like someone telling you constantly, Hey, maybe you should leave your relationship. It's like they'll send you something very noticeable. So when it gets to the point where you're completely off your path, it they will bring, they will kick it up 10 time.

[00:56:18] Golden Vee: No more numbers, no more. I'm talking about big things. So noticeable in your face, but you still need your free will to recognize, to be aware. That is something they can't force anyone to do. No matter how big and noticeable and bright light shining, they will do something very so obvious. That's the thing. They get obvious when you're really off the path.

[00:56:37] Golden Vee: They'll get really obvious little numbers and shit. That's just little reassurance. But the big stuff, really obvious signs, something you were just thinking about and then now you can't stop seeing it everywhere. You know what I mean? Those are like words like, hello, pay attention, but you need to utilize your own free will.

[00:56:51] Golden Vee: They technically can't make a choice for you. They can't take you off the path you're on. You still need to have the free will to become aware of it. You need to be... yeah, it's still free will baby, still free will. It's very heavy in this realm. very serious in this realm.

[00:57:07] Natalie Grace: Okay. One more question. Are our guides waiting for us when we die?

[00:57:14] Golden Vee: Yes. They are a part. They are one part of who's waiting. Yes, absolutely. A hundred percent. Yes. We have everyone there. The whole spirit team basically! Loved ones, ancestors, beings, galactics. God, Jesus, anyone, whatever you're interested in, everyone will be there.

[00:57:29] Golden Vee: So it's literally a reunion because it's like, damn, look at that video game we just played together.

[00:57:34] Golden Vee: That's really what it is. We're all you and we're, we're playing a video game within ourselves. They're not playing it. They're just a part of it. But there's a part of yourself up in the higher realm that just played a physical video game and then we all reunite after the game. Like "Phew what a game". Right?

[00:57:51] Golden Vee: What a play. What a movie. You know, what a great life. What a great movie. What a great video game.

[00:57:56] Natalie Grace: That's awesome. Okay, well we've been talking for a while so it's probably time to wrap up now. So I wanna thank you for joining in your energy with me and all the listeners. I really appreciate your time and all the wisdom you shared with us today.

[00:58:10] Natalie Grace: Before we close out, I just wanted to ask you if you have any offerings you wanted to promote or how people can work with you one on one.

[00:58:17] Golden Vee: Okay. Yeah. And by the way, thank you so much for bringing me on. I absolutely love you and love your energy, and it's, it's an honor and a blessing to be in your energy space. Just wanted to say that.

[00:58:25] Golden Vee: But yeah, so actually I do, I do psychic development classes, so if you're really into the stuff that we talked about today, I do psychic development and mediumship development. So if you like mediumship that you wanna contact the dead, I also teach that.

[00:58:41] Golden Vee: I also do the spirit guide class, as you know, as mentioned by you.

[00:58:45] Golden Vee: And then I also do regular readings. So literally like readings about like, what's to come in the future or what do you need to work on, you know, regular readings and might feel like I'm missing something.

[00:58:55] Golden Vee: Oh, I also do past life sessions. That's also what I do. I also do past life readings and actually this month of October, I have a whole sale going on because it's October, you know, it's spooky season. The veil as thin as they say,

[00:59:07] Golden Vee: so yeah, I sale all month, literally from now up until November 1st. So, yeah. And my website is And yeah, I'm just happy to be here with you. So thank you so much once again.

[00:59:19] Natalie Grace: That's so awesome. I'll definitely put the links to your website and your services in the show notes.

[00:59:25] Natalie Grace: And if people wanna connect with you on socials, what's the best way to do that?

[00:59:30] Golden Vee: Oh, on Instagram. Try TikTok, but I'm like, I just, I'm, I'm not consistent man. I'm sorry. I'm just not, I'm trying, but I'm not.

[00:59:37] Golden Vee: So on Instagram, which is @goldnvee.

[00:59:41] Golden Vee: Now you would think I didn't look out. I could not get the "golden" with the "E".

[00:59:45] Golden Vee: So it's @goldnvee. It's basically golden Vee without an "E". Sorry. It's a good username, got taken up. Damn.

[00:59:53] Natalie Grace: I would highly recommend following Vee on Instagram because not only do you share this amazing wisdom, you also do some incredible art.

[01:00:04] Golden Vee: Oh, thank you. Yeah, my art, I totally out. I forget.

[01:00:07] Golden Vee: Yeah. So my artwork, Yeah, I use that, I create from my dream state a lot. I usually wake up with the vision already planted, or sometimes I'll be laying in the bed and then I just see a random vision and then I'm like, Oh, let me create it. So, yeah. Thank you for that. Yeah. I haven't done artwork in like a couple weeks, so now, now, now thinking about it now, I think I might do something.

[01:00:28] Natalie Grace: I love it. It's got this vibe of like, a cosmic collage. It's amazing. You, you guys should all check it out.

[01:00:35] Golden Vee: Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

[01:00:38] Natalie Grace: Awesome. Well, it's been such a pleasure to speak with you. I hope we can do it again in the future. And I definitely encourage everyone to go and listen to Vee's podcast 'Dimensions of the Soul'.

[01:00:47] Natalie Grace: I'll put the link in the show notes to that as well.

[01:00:50] Natalie Grace: Thank you so much for your time, v and I hope you have a good day.

[01:00:54] Golden Vee: All right, Thank you. You too, as well.

[01:00:57] Natalie Grace: I hope you enjoyed that fun and enlightening conversation with Vee. I encourage you to check her out and even book in a session with her if you resonate with her vibe.

[01:01:08] Natalie Grace: She's really wonderful to work with.

[01:01:12] Natalie Grace: If you'd like to work with me, head over to the show notes for links to work with me one on one or visit my website

[01:01:21] Natalie Grace: Thanks again for sharing your energy with us. I'll see you next week.



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