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I'm Natalie, the Host of The Initiates Podcast.

Here, I have created a space for modern day Initiates to share wisdom, explore ideas and challenge our perceptions of reality. To provide guidance in navigating the path of Spiritual Awakening. To share stories of Initiation that help to inspire and empower. And to create a community of seekers who are here to walk together and support one another on their journeys.

Sisterhood, Women's Spaces and Manifesting Miracles

Join Natalie as she shares her recent experience at the Bohemian Summer Festival, and what it taught her about the divinity of women's spaces. She also shares a the story of a little miracle she received over the weekend, and it's lessons on sisterly connection and manifestation.


The Initiates Podcast is a journey of discovery, remembering and expansion for those on the spiritual path.
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Join your host, Natalie Grace, for an exploration of esoteric knowledge, mystical expansion and intuitive wisdom. Featuring inspiring conversations, wisdom teachings, intuitive musings and akashic activations.

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“Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.”

- Robert Anton Wilson